Advanced V-Band Technology: Extending the Reach of Ultra High-Speed Broadband Wireless

10g-speed-icon-310x146Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held wireless networking technology company headquartered in Irvine, California. Our focus is on millimeter wave data connectivity solutions that enable multi-gigabit speed transport for broadband wireless fiber extensions, wireless metropolitan area networks, and mobile backhaul applications.

Our HaulPass V10g is an advanced 10 Gbps V-Band millimeter wave radio link that delivers high-speed, low-latency, full-duplex wireless data connectivity at distances up to 1.8 kilometers (over one mile). The HaulPass V10g provides broadband Ethernet connectivity via a fully integrated Ethernet switch, as well as 10 Gbps direct fiber-to-radio connectivity for maximum throughput and minimum latency.


HaulPass V10g at a Glance

  • 2 x 1.25 Gbps Ethernet and 10 Gbps fiber wireless link
  • V-Band license-free operation
  • Up to 1.8 km (over one mile) point-to-point range
  • Small, lightweight footprint
  • Low power requirements via PoE++ or standard 48 VDC
  • Hitless adaptive coding, modulation and baud rate
  • Intelligent AGC for maximum network throughput
  • Save thousands of dollars in trenching, fiber installation, and data communications charges

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HaulPass V10g Data Sheet

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