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Millimeter Wave in the News

Why Low Latency (Not Speed) Makes 5G A World-Changing Technology

by Julie Song,

After years of discussion about what 5G will bring for businesses and consumers, it is finally becoming a reality. Mobile carriers are beginning to roll out their 5G networks as they attempt to be the “first” to offer true 5G, even if it’s only in select cities initially. Yet, many consumers and business leaders do not know how 5G works or how it could impact their daily lives across a variety of applications, such as gaming, video streaming and autonomous vehicles, and even in industrial, corporate and medical use cases.

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20.1 Billion RFID Tags to be Sold in 2019, finds IDTechEx Research

by Raghu Das, IDTechEx

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2019-2029, the global annual survey of the RFID industry by analysts IDTechEx, reveals that in 2019 the number of passive RFID tags sold will increase by 13% over 2018. That includes passive RFID tags across the three main frequencies used (RAIN, HF and LF). Of those three frequencies RAIN RFID will see the highest growth from 2018 to 2019 at 20% with HF RFID (including NFC) at 5% and LF at 2%. Revenue growth for RAIN RFID from 2018 to 2019 is 15%, with a total market value for RAIN tags in 2019 expected to be $953 million. HF (including NFC) 2019 tag revenue totals $3,842 million, which includes non-label like devices such as contactless payment and transit cards.

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Waveguide Makes a Comeback in 5G—for Antennas

by Mark Miller, Electronic Design

Waveguide is taking on a new role in the next generation of wireless systems in small form factors considered inconceivable before.

For most design engineers, study of waveguide technology ended when they got their last degree. The only time waveguide comes up is to use it as a last resort in applications such as millimeter-wave (mmWave) measurements, where coaxial cable is too lossy, expensive, and fragile. That’s not to say waveguide isn’t used anymore, but it’s not considered “modern” technology and of little use in applications such as wireless. However, that perception is beginning to change, and the needs for waveguide’s benefits at mmWave frequencies for 5G are driving substantial amounts of research around the world.

The market for waveguide, and the components made from it, is remarkably stable and continues to grow. Depending on analysts, this growth is expected to be from 5% to 20% through the early 2020s. In its “Millimeter Wave Technology Market 2019-2023,” 360 Research Reports notes: “There has been a remarkable increase in antenna developments from waveguide slot antennas,” driven by mmWave radars and interest in “design and implementation of efficient and miniaturized antennas for mobile communications and radio communication equipment.”

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