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Millimeter Wave Innovation

At Vubiq Technology, we develop advanced technologies that enables the next generation of millimeter wave products. Our focus is on improving manufacturing efficiency, lowering development and production costs, and improving performance. In recognition of major shifts in customer needs, we have developed market-disruptive technologies with supporting patent portfolios that will significantly reduce both the cost and complexity of wireless millimeter wave solutions in multiple types of applications around the world. Our innovative technology includes:

 •  10 Gbps millimeter wave radios incorporating patented technology for wireless telecommunications.

•  The first and only patented millimeter wave Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology utilizing polarimetric frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar for asset tracking, inventory control, supply chain logistics, and security access control.

  Patented, short-range, high-capacity millimeter wave wireless mesh technology for replacing miles of fiber optics cable existing in today’s data centers.

Our most recent innovation for the wireless telecommunications industry is our patented HaulPass Fiber radio front end (RFE). This new product is poised to disrupt various wireless telecommunications markets. It dramatically reduces the cost and complexity and improves the ease of integration of E-Band radios in networks of all types. With this advanced technology, we will enable operators around the world to deploy millimeter wave radios at the price points they need and with the simplicity and ease-of-operation they desire.

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HaulPass Fiber RFE

By moving the network stack outside of the radio, our patented HaulPass Fiber radio integrates seamlessly into the most complex networks and positions the control at the network application or as an extension of a nearby switch. This transformational approach to millimeter wave point-to-point connectivity drastically reduces the bill of materials, eases production costs, and results in the industry’s most compact outdoor radio. HaulPass Fiber delivers a full-duplex (FDD) capacity of 10 Gbps with 5G-ready latency at 6.5 microseconds.

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Intelligent Articulated Antenna (IAA)

The Vubiq Intelligent Articulating Antenna (IAA) is our patented, AI-driven technology currently being integrated into our revolutionary HaulPass Fiber radio. Unlike other narrow beam, point-to-point radios that require costly manual antenna alignment and periodic realignment, Vubiq IAA automatically makes precise and autonomous adjustments via AI-driven geolocation algorithms that utilize RSSI and SNR measurements to maintain optimal beam alignment at all times. The result is unmatched data-carrying capabilities, ensuring that the millimeter wave communication link remains rock-solid and highly reliable at all times.

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Surface Mount Technology

Our patented surface mount technology enables maximum efficiency, performance and versatility in the production of millimeter wave wireless radios. The innovative technology increases manufacturing efficiency by accommodating all components on a single, two-sided printed circuit board for efficient, single-pass production runs. The unique circuit board design technology and surface mount methods provide more efficient power transfer and improves frequency division duplex (FDD) transmission by exacting a higher degree of signal isolation between the FDD frequencies.

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Millimeter waveguide innovation

Our patented millimeter waveguide technology separates the digital components from the analog components for our millimeter wave solutions. This innovative technology has allowed us to rapidly develop new millimeter wave solutions and applications without the expense of complete redesigns. The technology allows us to remain completely spectrum agnostic in our wireless product designs, such as our V10g and E10g radios. In addition, it has provided the company with the flexibility to utilize the highest performing silicon at the most economical price.

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We are an innovation leader in millimeter wave radio frequency identification (RFID) hyperimaging technology. Our portfolio of technology patents covers our unique data encoding technology that exploits the natural physics of antennas at a tremendously small scale. The result is a chipless RFID data tag that approaches the cost of printing a bar code, but with the ability to contain hundreds of data bits in the size of a postage stamp. Utilizing our innovative polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (POLSAR) hyperimaging techniques, not only can the data be retrieved from the tag, but also physically located.

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One of the more exciting new areas of our patented millimeter wave technology is in the field of wireless fabric architecture, spanning chip-to-chip, board-to-board and rack-to-rack connectivity. Wireless connectivity means freedom to move information without physical conductors or cables. Starting with the concept of moving data between semiconductor chips, then between circuit boards in a server, and then from server to server in a data center, our vision is a “wireless backplane” that creates a virtual network fabric.

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Vubiq Networks has a long history of millimeter wave research, development and production. One of our first product innovations during our early stage was the development and production of an integrated 60 GHz millimeter wave transmitter and receiver including antenna. The breakthrough Vubiq Networks’ V60RX/TX110 product is housed within a ball grid array (BGA) surface-mount package.

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Thanks to our patented solutions for higher granularity and density of RFID technologies, we plan to exploit IoT applications that require higher frequency radar solutions, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW), and Synthetic Aperture Radar functionality. Automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing/distribution logistics are areas where our patented approach to radar can benefit IoT.

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The National Hockey League relies on innovative Vubiq Networks millimeter wave technology for goal verification. The in-net GoalCam 60GHz wireless HD-SDI goal verification delivers fully uncompressed video with no bit or resolution manipulation. Utilizing a 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless platform, the GoalCam offers uncompressed and un-coded broadcast quality video. The innovative system captures and records live video of the goal line to support officials in reviewing disputed calls.

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