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GoalCam Wireless Goal Verification System

Innovation for the NHL

The National Hockey League relies on innovative Vubiq Networks millimeter wave technology for goal verification. The in-net GoalCam 60GHz wireless HD-SDI goal verification delivers fully uncompressed video with no bit or resolution manipulation. Utilizing a 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless platform, the GoalCam offers uncompressed and un-coded broadcast quality video. The innovative system captures and records live video of the goal line to support officials in reviewing disputed calls.

The integrated system includes camera, transmitter and receiver. The RF transmitter and camera are integrated in a custom ruggedized housing with an extruded aluminum tube with polycarbonate shock resistant domes on each end. An integrated safety and quick release positive registration bracket adjusts to all mounting application.

For mobility, the GoalCam incorporates internal Lithium-ion batteries to support up to 5 hours of operation per charge. The receiver unit mounts overhead to receive the 1.5 G HD-SDI signal using two BNC re-clocked HD-SDI outputs.

GoalCam Specifications

  • 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless in-net goal camera system
  • Zero frame delay
  • Zero interference
  • No channel coding
  • Ruggedized and water resistant enclosure
  • Integrated 720p 60 camera
  • Maximum 150 ft wireless transmission distance
  • Uncompressed 1.5G HD-SDI video
  • Flexible safety and quick release bracket
  • Shock resistant and shatterproof domes
  • Hydrophobic coating to prevent condensation
  • No external RF antennas
  • Internal Lithium-ion batteries option
  • Local monitoring and testing
  • Water resistant connections
  • Software controls for easy transmitter and camera set-up