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Millimeter Waveguide Technology

Vubiq Networks Patented Millimeter Waveguide Technology

Our patented millimeter waveguide technology separates the digital components from the analog components for our millimeter wave solutions. This innovative technology has allowed us to rapidly develop new millimeter wave solutions and applications without the expense of complete redesigns.

Our millimeter waveguide technology allows us to remain completely spectrum agnostic in our wireless product designs, such as our V10g and E10g radios. In addition, it has provided the company with the flexibility to utilize the highest performing silicon at the most economical price. Today, applications such as vehicular radar, 5G, and our Hyperimaging Synthetic Aperture Radar are driving the cost of millimeter wave silicon down to more affordable levels.

Whether it involves capacity or latency for 5G applications, or resolution and density for hyperimaging, Vubiq Network’s innovations such as our waveguide technology are helping deliver solutions for telecommunications, RFID tag decoding, IoT smart sensors, wireless fabric, and more.

Waveguide Patents

US Patent Number 9088058, issued July 21, 2015. Waveguide Interface with a Launch Transducer and a Circular Interface Plate.

US Patent Number 9893406, issued February 13, 2018. A Method of Forming a Waveguide Interface by Providing a Mold to Form a Support Block of the interface.

US Patent Number 10320047, issued June 11, 2019. Waveguide Assembly Comprising a Molded Waveguide Interface Having a Support Block for a Launch Transducer That Is Coupled to a Communications Device through a Flange Attached to the Interface.

European Patent EP2467897B1, issued March 7, 2019, Precision Waveguide Interface.

US Patent Number 10818997, issued October 27, 2020. Waveguide Interface and Printed Circuit Board Launch Transducer Assembly and Methods of Use Thereof.

V60-282 Transmitter and V60-283 Receiver

The Vubiq Networks V60-282 Transmitter and V60-283 Receiver are advanced, highly integrated waveguide modules that utilize the license-free V-band millimeter wave spectrum of 57 GHz to 64 GHz. These silicon germanium (SiGe) chip-based waveguide modules are small and light weight, each incorporating an easy-to-use, multi-pin LSHM connector for power, reference clock, digital control port, and baseband signals. The ability to attach standard components make these 60 GHz V-band modules practical for a wide range of millimeter wave applications.

V60-282 / V60-283 Specifications

  • V60-282 complete millimeter wave transmitter
  • V60-283 complete millimeter wave receiver
  • Vubiq Networks patented Modular Integrated Waveguide (MIW) technology
  • V-band 57 to 64 GHz license-free operation
  • WR-15, UG-385/U flange
  • 15 dBm typical output power
  • Up to 1.8 GHz modulation bandwidth
  • I/Q analog baseband interface
  • On-chip synthesizer covers 57 to 64 GHz
  • 250, 500 or 540 MHz step size
  • 71.4286 MHz clock for 250 MHz step size
  • 142.8571 MHz clock for 500 MHz step size
  • 154.2857 MHz clock for 540 MHz step size
  • Power, control and signals on LHSM connector
  • Temperature sensor