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Vubiq Surface Mount Technology

Increasing radio performance and manufacturing efficiency, while lowering costs and inventory complexities

Vubiq Networks’ patented surface mount technology covers our innovative printed circuit board design and method for mounting millimeter wave devices using surface mount technology for low cost and highly automated manufacturing of millimeter wave radios.

Our innovative approach leverages modern millimeter wave transmitter and receiver packaging technologies that incorporate high-frequency system-in-package design with waveguide ports. The unique layout of the printed circuit board facilitates direct coupling of millimeter wave energy to waveguide ports, thereby minimizing stack-up loss and maximizing efficiency.

With a focus on full-duplex capability, our surface mount technology ensures maximum contact integrity and efficient power transfer. This results in superior performance for frequency division duplex (FDD) transmissions, thanks to enhanced signal isolation between FDD frequencies.

Our innovative single circuit board assembly eliminates the need for separate modules, further reducing manufacturing costs and simplifying production processes.

Key Benefits

  • Increased manufacturing efficiency. Traditional millimeter wave radios necessitate multiple circuit boards and modules, leading to complex and time-consuming production processes. With our patented technology, all components reside on a single, two-sided circuit board. This streamlined design enables rapid and cost-effective production through efficient, single-pass manufacturing runs.
  • Higher radio performance. Our unique circuit board design and surface mount methods optimize power transfer and data transmission. By achieving superior signal isolation between FDD frequencies, our technology ensures exceptional radio performance, meeting the demands of modern communication systems.
  • Lower manufacturing costs and reduced inventory complexity. Unlike conventional radios requiring varied manufacturing and inventory management based on frequency bands, our software-defined technology eliminates this complexity. Every radio can be manufactured identically, with operating frequency programmatically defined during production. This approach significantly reduces inventory costs and simplifies supply chain management.

HaulPass Fiber RFE

Our patented surface mount technology is integral to the design and manufacturing of our HaulPass Fiber radio front end (RFE), the industry’s most compact outdoor radio. HaulPass Fiber is the first software-defined millimeter wave radio. It uniquely positions the network stack outside of the radio, creating a true “wireless fiber” solution. It places the control of the radio where network operators want it – at the network application or as an extension of a nearby switch – enabling seamless network integration. Just plug the RFE radio into any network and instantly extend the fiber network wirelessly.

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