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World’s First Integrated Transmitter, Receiver and Antenna

Early Millimeter Wave Innovation

Vubiq Networks has a long history of millimeter wave research, development and production. One of the company’s first product innovations during our early stage was the development and production of an integrated 60 GHz millimeter wave transmitter and receiver including antenna. The breakthrough Vubiq Networks’ V60RX/TX110 product is housed within a ball grid array (BGA) surface-mount package.

The Vubiq Networks V60RX/TX110 is the world’s first millimeter wave transmitter, receiver and antenna contained within a single integrated module. This product breakthrough set the stage for our future innovations in millimeter wave technology.

Patented Millimeter Wave Technology

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Vubiq Networks two patents for the innovative millimeter wave technology behind the integrated V60RX/TX110 module:

US Patent Number 7768457, issued August 3, 2010. Integrated Antenna and Chip Package and Manufacturing thereof.

US Patent Number 8477070, issued July 2, 2013. Integrated Antenna and Chip Package and Method of Manufacturing thereof.

V60RX/TX110 Specifications

  • Complete millimeter wave receiver and antenna
  • 57 to 64 GHz unlicensed band
  • dB system noise figure typical
  • 500 MHz baseband channels
  • I/Q, AM, FM detectors
  • > 1.5 GHz detection bandwidth at 60 GHz
  • On-chip synthesizer covers 57 to 63 GHz with 0.5 GHz step size
  • Reference clock 285.714 MHz
  • Internal high efficiency antenna
  • Antenna gain > 12 dBi typical
  • Low-loss millimeter wave radome
  • 81-pin BGA package – 10mm x 10mm x 4mm