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HaulPass Fiber

The industry’s first SDN millimeter wave radio front end (RFE)

By moving the network stack outside of the radio, our patented HaulPass Fiber E-Band radio seamlessly integrates into the most complex networks and positions the control where network operators want it: at the network application or as an extension of a nearby switch. This transformational approach to millimeter wave point-to-point connectivity drastically reduces the bill of materials, eases production costs, and results in the industry’s most compact outdoor radio. HaulPass Fiber delivers a full-duplex (FDD) capacity of 10 Gbps with 5G-ready latency at 6.5 microseconds.

As the first software-defined networking (SDN) millimeter wave radio, HaulPass Fiber is truly “wireless fiber.” Simply plug the API-driven radio into an existing network and instantly extend the fiber wirelessly. The included software development kit (SDK) allows network operators to create custom commands directly to the HaulPass Fiber radio via any switch, router or network controller. This dramatically simplifies integration in nearly every network topology and allows the freedom to customize, configure and monitor high-capacity wireless links. What’s more, HaulPass Fiber’s integrated LTE modem provides an alternate, easy-to-use method for out-of-band management and monitoring.

Due to the nature of wireless link technology, traditional millimeter-wave radios are typically closed, black-box network elements. Our innovative API-driven management approach is a step towards true open, SDN design. This approach simplifies integration in nearly every network topology and provides the freedom and convenience to customize, configure and monitor wireless fiber extensions.

The benefits of HaulPass Fiber

  • Revolutionary breakthrough: As the industry’s first “wireless fiber” RF front end, HaulPass Fiber solves the many issues of integrating wireless links into existing fiber networks, extending them effortlessly.
  • Outstanding performance: HaulPass Fiber offers a paradigm shift in high-capacity wireless communications, delivering full-duplex (FDD) capacity of 10 Gbps with 5G-ready latency of 6.5 microseconds.
  • Unmatched Reliability: With our patented Adaptive Code Modulation and Baud (ACMB) technology, HaulPass Fiber ensures reliable connectivity over a wide range of weather conditions. Our industry-leading RF performance, powered by our patented, adaptable waveguide design, guarantees consistent and dependable operation.
  • Simplified integration: Unlike traditional E-Band radios, HaulPass Fiber seamlessly integrates into existing fiber networks without redundant functionality. Our open SDN-ready approach allows easy management through adjacent switches or network controllers, reducing complexity and enhancing flexibility.
  • Customizable control: Our API-driven management approach empowers network operators to control HaulPass Fiber at the network application or as an extension of a nearby switch. Our included SDK enables customization, configuration, and monitoring directly to the RF front-end, ensuring seamless integration into various network topologies.
  • Extended reach: Supporting line-of-sight, point-to-point wireless ranges up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), HaulPass Fiber provides the flexibility needed for expansive network deployments. Our support for external antennas further enhances coverage and adaptability to different link distance requirements.
  • Robust, ruggedized design: Weighing only 2.6 kilograms and housed in a ruggedized outdoor enclosure, HaulPass Fiber is designed for extreme weather conditions. Our compact 6.7” x 6.9” x 3.7” footprint and low power consumption of only 35 Watts make it ideal for deployment in various environments, including street furniture installations.
  • Cost-effective solution: Despite its advanced capabilities, HaulPass Fiber boasts an extremely low bill of materials and production costs compared to less capable alternatives. The product’s efficiency in size, weight, and cost ensures that it aligns with tight budgets without compromising on performance or reliability.

Download the HaulPass Fiber product brief.

Intelligent Articulating Antenna

We are currently integrating our patented Intelligent Articulating Antenna (IAA) into the HaulPass Fiber radio. IAA addresses the most critical challenges for narrow beam point-to-point communications, namely automatic antenna alignment at installation, and importantly, maintaining that precise alignment over long distances despite the effects of pole sway and thermal effects. Today, maintaining millimeter wave antenna alignment requires substantial time and precise mounting to align antennas. If alignment accuracy is not initially obtained, and not dynamically maintained during operation, the loss in data carrying ability can be substantial. Rather than having to move the whole radio system for alignment, IAA controls the movement of only the high-gain antenna element. Using machine learning algorithms, geolocation, and sensor fusion technologies, the alignment and compensation control system leverages modern AI techniques in response to physical changes in the radio support structure.

Read more about our innovative IAA technology.

HaulPass Fiber Evolution

HaulPass Fiber is the culmination of the revolutionary and evolutionary millimeter wave technology we’ve developed over the past decade: from the HaulPass V60s, to the V10g, to the E10g, and now HaulPass Fiber. With a strong supporting patent portfolio, our advanced technology enables millimeter wave radio manufacturers to build and market the industry’s best performing and most cost-effective radios. Our architectural foundation is based on Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) technology, offering superior performance than Time Division Duplexing (TDD) radios.

HaulPass E10g

Unveiled in 2019, the HaulPass E10g is an advanced E-Band millimeter wave radio that delivers high-speed, full-duplex wireless data communications. The E10g is the world’s lowest latency E-Band 10 Gbps FDD radio. Incorporating a fully integrated Ethernet switch, the HaulPass E10g radio utilizes the lightly licensed E-Band spectrum to cost-effectively meet the ever-expanding needs of today’s bandwidth-hungry networks.

Read more about the HaulPass E10g

HaulPass V10g

Announced in 2018, the HaulPass V10g millimeter wave radio utilizes the license-free V-Band spectrum. As the world’s first 10 Gbps FDD V-Band radio, HaulPass V10g provides 2.2 GHz channel bandwidth, advanced intelligence, and comprehensive Ethernet switching functionality. Integrated low-latency forward error correction (< 10 μs) assures data transmission reliability.

Read more about the HaulPass V10g.


HaulPass V60s

Introduced in 2016, the HaulPass V60s was the world’s first V-Band 1 Gbps FDD millimeter wave radio.  This revolutionary 60 GHz V-Band radio was the first to feature our small, lightweight, ruggedized enclosure that’s cost-effective and easy to deploy. The radio includes an integrated two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for multiple connections.

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