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Testing HaulPass millimeter wave radios in the field

For testing purposes and to obtain real-world market feedback, Vubiq Networks has installed a number of HaulPass millimeter wave radio links around the country and across the globe.

Testing the Limits of E-Band in Dana Point, California

To test the E-Band millimeter wave communications under various weather and environmental conditions, we installed a 3 kilometer (1.9 mile) wireless link in Southern California from the San Jan Capistrano Hills to the Dana Point Harbor. The test link consists of a pair of  HaulPass E10g 10 Gbps radios communicating over the 80 GHz E-Band spectrum.

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We donated a pair of HaulPass E10g 10 Gbps millimeter wave radios to Cal Poly Pomona to educate students about advanced millimeter wave wireless technology and to foster research and development. Communicating over the lightly licensed 80 GHz E-Band spectrum, the wireless link connects Cal Poly Pomona’s main campus to the university’s Lanterman Campus South, traversing 2.3 km.

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HaulPass V10g at Ganpat University in India

We partnered with Ganpat University (GUNI) in India to foster advanced research and development into extremely high frequency (EHF) telecommunications applications. We donated a pair of HaulPass V10g millimeter wave radios to the university, the only academic institution in India to have been issued an experimental license for testing millimeter wave technology from the Department of Telecommunication.

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Millimeter Wave V-Band Connectivity in Miami

Snappy Internet & Telecom is a web hosting and wireless internet service provider (WISP) offering fiber, fixed wireless and broadband wireless access to its business clients throughout the United States. Snappy installed a pair of HaulPass V10g millimeter wave radios to provide multi-gig wireless connectivity to its customers.

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V-Band Wireless Link in Mission Viejo, California

A pair of HaulPass V60s millimeter wave radios deliver low-latency, full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet to the Potocki Conference Center. The center was originally built as a training facility for the U.S. soccer team during the 1994 World Cup.

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Wireless Campus Network Expansion at Kingston Technology

Vubiq HaulPass V60s millimeter wave links at Kingston Technology in California provide V-Band wireless Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for disaster recovery and campus network expansion.

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Flawless V-Band Performance in Extreme Weather in New Orleans

Extreme weather is a fact of life in New Orleans, particularly when it comes to heavy rainfall. Millimeter wave transmissions can be adversely affected by rain, a concept known as rain fade. HaulPass V60s links at Skycom1 were recently exposed to torrential downpours, exceeding 20 inches in just three days. The links performed flawlessly throughout the heavy downpour.

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Wireless rooftop-to-rooftop fiber extensions in Palo Alto, California

HaulPass V60 millimeter wave radios provide a high-speed broadband wireless solution to extend fiber optic connectivity for Fiber Internet Center in Palo Alto, California.

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