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Testing the Limits of the E-Band Spectrum in Dana Point

HaulPass E10g Millimeter Wave Link Spans 3 KM

HaulPass E10g Installation

To test the limits of the E-Band millimeter wave communications spectrum under various weather and environmental conditions, Vubiq Networks has installed a 3 kilometer (1.9 mile) wireless link in Southern California from the San Jan Capistrano Hills to the Dana Point Harbor. The test link consists of a pair of  Vubiq Networks HaulPass E10g 10 Gbps radios communicating over the 80 GHz E-Band spectrum. To further test the performance and reliability of the link, the line-of-sight path purposely passes through a grove of tall eucalyptus tress.

A second wireless link using the V-Band is daisy chained to the E10g link and delivers 10 Gbps connectivity across the harbor to the restaurant row. The second link consists of a pair of Vubiq Networks HaulPass V10g radios.

Known as the “Dolphin and Whale Capital of the World,” Dana Point Harbor offers a variety of recreational amenities, boater facilities, dockside dining, and unique shopping experiences that cater to visitors, locals and boating enthusiasts. Activities both in and out of the water range from watching migratory gray whales that frequent the coastline to enjoying the stunning sunsets and picturesque harbor views.

One of the biggest challenges for harbors all across the country involve fiber access and dedicated high-bandwidth backhaul to support 5G-like public internet access. This Vubiq Networks test installation demonstrates the ability to bring high-bandwidth connections to service harbor-front restaurants, hotels, shops and free public Wi-Fi.

Google Map Showing 3 KM Link