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Rain or Shine, Skycom1 in New Orleans Relies on HaulPass V-Band Wireless Links

Skycom1 is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) offering fast, reliable, broadband wireless Internet access in the greater New Orleans area. The company specializes in high-speed wireless services for commercial buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, and other businesses. Skycom1 has deployed multiple HaulPass V60s millimeter wave wireless V-Band radio links for building-to-building broadband connectivity. 

Flawless Performance in Extreme Weather

Extreme weather is a fact of life in New Orleans, particularly when it comes to heavy rainfall. Millimeter wave transmissions can be adversely affected by rain, a concept known as rain fade (read our Rain Fade white paper). Skycom1’s HaulPass V60s links were recently exposed to torrential downpours when over 20 inches of rain fell in just three days. At the peak of the violent storm, rain totals exceeded two inches per hour. 

“The HaulPass V60s links performed flawlessly throughout the heavy downpour,” said James Ober of Skycom1. “Data throughput during the storm never dropped at all. Amazingly, throughput was nearly identical before the storm, during, and after – thanks to the ruggedized enclosure and intelligent AGC.”

HaulPass V60s radios incorporate advanced technology known as Intelligent Automatic Gain Control (read our Intelligent AGC white paper). With this superior approach, network throughput is maintained even under the harshest environmental conditions.

Google Maps Showing V-Band Links

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