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Fiber Internet Center Goes the Extra Mile with HaulPass V-Band Solution

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Fiber Internet Center LLC provides high-speed, carrier-grade fiber connectivity solutions exclusively for business customers. The company understands how important reliable, fast connectivity is for today’s business success. Increasingly, the company has encountered business prospects where the closest fiber hub site or “lit building” was just a few hundred meters away from the required business location.

The cost to run additional fiber from an existing fiber hub site to a new customer building can often exceed $100 per foot for underground installations. “The effort and related costs to run a fiber extension includes much more than just the cost of the fiber cable,” said Bob Evans, Founder and CTO of Fiber Internet Center. “Running a fiber extension includes a myriad of costs, including engineering, permits, trench digging, filler removal, running the fiber, and then refilling the trenches. That can be a cost-prohibitive process for some business prospects who are otherwise located quite close to a fiber hub site or one of our existing buildings.”

In addition, there are situations where running a fiber extension to a new building is simply not possible, due to related factors such as right-of-way issues or the need to cross highways, rivers, or other physical or geographic barriers.

HaulPass Wireless V-Band Broadband Connectivity

“We selected HaulPass V60 from Vubiq Networks,” said Fiber Internet Center Cofounder Gus Sanchez. “They offered the best overall solution to meet the needs of our customers.” Thanks to HaulPass V-Band connectivity, Fiber Internet Center has been able to deploy several new wireless rooftop-to-rooftop fiber extensions for its business customers.

“We are pleased with the ease of deployment, performance, and reliability of the HaulPass radios,” said Sanchez. “And support of full-duplex FDD operation means that our customers can transmit and receive simultaneously at full GigE speeds. That has proven to be a very popular feature for our bandwidth-hungry customers.”

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