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About Us

Vubiq Networks: Making Millimeter Wave Ubiquitous

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held millimeter wave innovation company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company designs, manufactures and markets proprietary, high-bandwidth, millimeter wave wireless transmission products that enable full-duplex, multi-gigabit speed transport with full integration of software-defined layer 2 networking capabilities. In addition, Vubiq Networks continues to innovate in the millimeter wave market with solutions in telecommunications, wireless fabric architecture, RFID tag decoding, Internet of Things, and synthetic aperture radar applications. These and future efforts have been strategically protected by technology patents.

Patented Innovation

Today, Vubiq Networks’ technology innovation is reflected in a growing portfolio of 19 US technology patents, one US technology patent application publication, and two European technology patents in millimeter wave components and system-level network communications. This valuable intellectual property portfolio provides the company with the ability to continue to design and create innovative millimeter wave solutions.


One of the company’s first product efforts during its early phase was the creation and production of a full transmitter and receiver at 60 GHz, including antenna, within a ball grid array (BGA) surface-mount package. This was the world’s first millimeter wave integrated transmitter and receiver in a single module.

Leveraging years of research and development, along with the patented Modular Integrated Waveguide technology, Vubiq Networks has evolved become the innovation leader in point-to-point wireless transmission, development systems, and standalone waveguide technology. Historically focused primarily on millimeter wave V-Band solutions, the company has recently announced new E-Band solutions, including HaulPass E10g and HaulPass Fiber, the industry’s first software-defined radio front end (RFE). The company’s modular approach and unique development of millimeter waveguide modules provides silicon flexibility and positions the technology as “spectrum agnostic.”

Vubiq Network’s patented technology provides the company with the flexibility to use any semiconductor type in its product solutions. Not only is this the largest investment, it also determines the performance of the product. This flexible approach is the foundation of Vubiq Network’s ability to increase distance, speed and resolution, as well as provide solutions in other spectrum bands.

Our Leadership Team

John Dilworth, CEO
John Dilworth has extensive experience and strong expertise in management, business development, sales and marketing, with in-depth technical experience in virtualization, application publishing, wireless, enterprise networking and storage. He has worked with a diverse list of companies, all with disruptive technologies that have lead to three IPOs. Prior to joining Vubiq Networks, John was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GraphOn Corporation in the Silicon Valley, where he was responsible for development of global business models and channel partner programs. John holds a B.A. from the University of San Diego in Business Administration.

Mike Pettus, Founder and CTO
Mike Pettus has been in the wireless technology sector for more than 30 years, including more than 10 years in millimeter wave product development. Prior to founding Vubiq Networks, he held executive engineering positions at Metricom/Ricochet, Convergence Corporation, and Paramount Pictures. He was also an active member of the FCC Millimeter Wave Communications Working Group, and the IEEE 802.11 PHY committee. Mike graduated from California State University Fullerton with a B.A. degree in Philosophy of Science and Mathematics.