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European Patent Extends Vubiq Networks’ Worldwide Protection for Wireless Data Center and Cloud Computing Innovation

IRVINE, CA, September 10, 2019 – Vubiq Networks, Inc., the innovation leader in extremely high frequency (EHF) millimeter wave wireless broadband communications technology, products and solutions, today announced that it has been awarded a new technology patent by the European Patent Office. The patent, numbered EP2737718B1, is entitled System and Method for Wireless Communication in a Backplane Fabric Architecture.

“This new European patent award provides additional global protection for our millimeter wave intellectual property in the area of ultra high-speed, short-range, wireless connectivity as applied to solving the scaling constraints and costs for internal data center connectivity, switching, and cloud computing,” said Mike Pettus, founder and CTO of Vubiq Networks. “Our innovative EHF wireless technology eliminates the existing limitations of cabled and centralized switching architectures by leveraging the wide bandwidths of the millimeter wave spectrum for the high-density communications requirements inside the modern data center.”

Vubiq Networks’ technology provides more than one terabit per second of wireless uplink capacity from a single server rack through its innovative approach to create a millimeter wave massive mesh network. The elimination of all inter-rack copper or fiber cabling – as well as the elimination of all aggregation and core switches – is combined with higher throughput, lower latency, lower power, higher reliability, and lower cost by using millimeter wave wireless connectivity.

The new patent award is the European version of the company’s existing U.S. patent number 9537794 issued January 3, 2017. “This is the fifth in the series of patents that we refer to collectively as our data center patents,” continued Mr. Pettus. “This particular patent addresses the physical architecture of deployment in and on the rack cabinet in a data center environment. However, it carries through from our earlier patents in the series, chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and ultimately rack-to-rack, high-speed communications.”

“This is a very important technology patent as the company continues to move forward toward worldwide protection of our extensive millimeter wave patent portfolio,” said Vubiq CEO John Dilworth. “In addition to today’s European Patent Office announcement, we were recently awarded a European patent for our millimeter wave precision waveguide interface as well. In total, we hold 13 U.S. technology patents, two U.S. patent applications, and now two European patents in the field of EHF millimeter wave components and system-level communications.”

About Vubiq Networks

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held millimeter wave innovation company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company designs, manufactures and markets proprietary, high-bandwidth, millimeter wave wireless products, including the HaulPass V10g 10 Gbps V-Band wireless transmission link. Vubiq Networks continues to innovate in the millimeter wave market with solutions in wireless broadband communications, video transport, wireless data center solutions, RFID tag decoding, and synthetic aperture radar applications. For further information, visit www.vubiqnetworks.com.

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