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Vubiq Networks Announces HaulPass V60s Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Link

New 60 GHz Wireless System Features 50% Reduction in Size, 50% Increase in Range, and Additional Performance Enhancements

IRVINE, CA, October 12, 2015 – Vubiq Networks, Inc., an innovator in 60 GHz wireless broadband connectivity solutions, today announced the new HaulPass V60s™ Gigabit Ethernet wireless system. Available for immediate delivery, the new HaulPass V60s is 50% smaller than the original HaulPass V60, provides a 50% increase in range, and offers a number of software enhancements.

“After less than a year in the market, we’re pleased to demonstrate our market-leading innovation by shipping our new HaulPass V60s product with enhanced capabilities, increased range to 750 meters, and a dramatically reduced form factor,” said Mike Pettus, founder and CTO of Vubiq Networks. “By incorporating a new innovative design approach, we have reduced the depth of our product from 180 mm to 77 mm, making the HaulPass V60s easier to install and providing a more aesthetic solution for urban applications.”

The HaulPass V60s uses the license-free 60 GHz millimeter wave radio band to support wireless Gigabit Ethernet connections for line-of-sight applications at distances of up to 750 meters and beyond. The system features a ruggedized outdoor enclosure designed for extreme weather operation plus an integrated two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. Customer applications include Gigabit Ethernet wireless fiber-optic extensions, wireless metropolitan area networks, and 4G/LTE mobile network backhaul applications.

The HaulPass V60s incorporates a number of software enhancements. A new watchdog feature minimizes truck rolls in the event of power failures or human errors. A preconfigured RFC 2544 performance test speeds link qualification without the need for expensive networking test equipment. Additional performance and security enhancements were also made to the V60s remote software tool.

Unlike half-duplex wireless products on the market, the HaulPass V60s is a full-duplex solution offering two-gigabit aggregate throughput at very low latency. This provides customers with a significantly higher return on investment. ROI is further improved though the system’s economic price point and rapid, pain-free deployment.

“The Vubiq Networks team has decades of experience innovating, developing, and deploying the 60 GHz technology that lies at the heart of our new HaulPass V60s solution,” said Ed Snyder, CEO of Vubiq Networks. “With our continued innovation, we’re making wireless Gigabit Ethernet transport a cost-effective solution for the advanced connectivity requirements of today’s modern global networks.”

About Vubiq Networks

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held wireless networking technology company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s focus is on high-bandwidth, 60 GHz wireless link transmission products that enable gigabit speed transport for broadband wireless fiber extensions, wireless metropolitan area networks, and mobile backhaul applications. For more information, visit www.vubiqnetworks.com.

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