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Vubiq Networks Collaborates with Ganpat University and Cal Poly Pomona to Promote Student Education and R&D in Millimeter Wave Wireless Telecommunications Technology

Vubiq Networks’ innovative 10Gbps V-Band and E-Band installations at universities in India and California successfully demonstrate millimeter wave backhaul links as essential to global 5G success

IRVINE, CA, May 11, 2021 – Vubiq Networks, Inc., the innovation leader in millimeter wave wireless broadband technology and solutions, today announced that it is partnering with Ganpat University (GUNI) in India and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona) to educate students about innovative millimeter wave wireless technology and foster research and development into extremely high frequency (EHF) telecommunications applications.

Vubiq Networks has donated a pair of HaulPass V10g low-latency millimeter wave radios – the very first and only 10Gbps V-Band wireless link in the industry – to India’s Ganpat University, as well as a pair of HaulPass E10g low-latency 10Gbps E-Band radios to Cal Poly Pomona. Both wireless installations are now live and very successfully operating at 10Gbps.

“Ganpat University and Cal Poly Pomona have issued a memorandum of understanding, recognizing that universities need to operate in a global environment of cooperation in the development of educational and technology initiatives for engineering students, faculties and R&D,” said John Dilworth, CEO of Vubiq Networks. “We are proud and excited to be collaborating with these prestigious universities to help educate engineering students on the importance of millimeter wave wireless technology in advancing the state of the art in emerging fields such as 5G telecommunications backhaul.”

“India is making rapid strides towards establishing country-wide, high-speed networks to realize the Government of India’s ambitious vision through the Digital India initiative,” said Dr. Mahendra Sharma, Pro-Chancellor, Ganpat University. “GUNI’s partnership with Vubiq is extremely crucial at this stage considering it is national priority. This will enable us to create greater opportunities for the industry to test products/services in a high-speed, next-generation network environment. Students can learn advanced technology and the government with gain validation datapoints of this technology in an Indian environment. R&D carried out by this test bed facility will also be helpful to other tropical countries.

GUNI is the only academic institution in India to have been issued an experimental license for testing millimeter wave technology from the Department of Telecommunication of the Government of India. GUNI has also been invited to contribute to the policy framing of the Indian Prime Minister’s initiative PM WANI (Wi-Fi Access Network Interface), which is an initiative meant to increase Wi-Fi access throughout India.

In California, the HaulPass E10g millimeter wave wireless link at Cal Poly Pomona connects the university’s main campus to the Lanterman Campus South, traversing 2.3 km. Dan Montplaisir, Vice President of Advancement at Cal Poly Pomona, stated, “As a recognized leader in STEM education, Cal Poly Pomona is delighted to partner with Vubiq Networks and Ganpat University in exploring the latest technologies that will influence our digital future. We have a responsibility to expose our students to the ideas and trends that will drive innovation and opportunity for the next generation of scientists and engineers and Vubiq Networks is allowing us to do that.”

Millimeter Wave Wireless Backhaul Enables Global 5G Success

V-Band and E-Band millimeter wave technology can provide a practical and low-cost wireless backhaul solution for 5G mobile communications networks in India, California, and around the world. In order to expand 5G wireless network coverage and provide more data capacity for customers, wireless carriers and governments are rapidly upgrading from to 5G technology and installing additional small base stations (known as small cells) to extend their reach.

Small cells can be cost-effectively mounted on utility poles and buildings. However, they still need high-speed broadband backhaul networks to communicate with one another and with base stations. However, running physical fiber-optic cable is not cost justified or even feasible – which is especially true in India. As a result, wireless carriers and governments are now looking to deploy millimeter wave broadband wireless backhaul solutions.

The future worldwide growth of 5G mobile communications will require much higher density and smaller base stations. The fact that millimeter wave is the most interference resistant spectrum is yet another reason that carriers are moving towards V-Band and E-Band wireless broadband for the badly needed short-range backhaul links.

“Wireless mobile backhaul is one of the primary reasons that Vubiq Networks has created our unique wireless broadband solutions that rely on the unlicensed V-Band and lightly licensed E-Band millimeter wave spectrums to deliver 10Gpbs, full-duplex, low-latency wireless bandwidth,” said Mr. Dilworth. “Our innovative HaulPass radios have evolved from years of development and are protected by a broad patent portfolio. We’ve combined this innovation with comprehensive networking features to meet the needs of today’s bandwidth-hungry world.”

About Ganpat University

Ganpat University, located in western India, is one of the most respected not-for-profit universities in the country. GUNI has successfully implemented a strong industry-academia linked higher education model and empowered its students through hands-on learning, exposure to industry, and enhanced employability. The university offers diploma, ug, pg, and research programs in various academic disciplines. GUNI is known as the socially responsible university by its actions. For further information, visit www.ganpatuniversity.ac.in.

Dr. Ganpat (Pat) Patel is the founder and president of GUNI. Dr Patel is an alumnus of Cal Poly Pomona and has worked to make this collaboration possible at both universities.

About Cal Poly Pomona

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona is among the best public universities in the west and is nationally ranked for helping students achieve economic success. As an inclusive polytechnic institution, the university cultivates success through experiential learning, discovery and innovation. Cal Poly Pomona utilizes a technology-enhanced, learn-by-doing approach to education. Students enjoy endless opportunities for involvement in a vibrant and diverse community. For further information, visit www.cpp.edu.

About Vubiq Networks

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held millimeter wave innovation company headquartered in Irvine, California. With over 15 years of experience in telecommunications and extremely high frequency applications, the company continues to expand its global reach into cutting-edge markets such as 5G connectivity, wireless fabric architecture, chipless RFID data tag hyperimaging, IoT smart sensors, EHF medical applications, and more. The company currently offers the HaulPass V10g millimeter wave radio, the first and only 10Gbps V-Band wireless link in the industry, as well as the HaulPass E10g 10Gbps E-Band radio. For further information, visit www.vubiqnetworks.com.

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