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Vubiq Networks Selects Texas Instruments Processor for 60 GHz Ethernet Wireless Broadband System

HaulPass V60 Enables Full Duplex Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Transport Speeds to Meet Demand for Wireless Fiber Extension and 4G/LTE Backhaul Applications

IRVINE, CA – January 13, 2015 – Vubiq Networks, Inc. today announced that it has selected Texas Instruments to supply the processor that will support its new HaulPass V60™, a 60 GHz millimeter wave wireless broadband system developed to deliver low-latency Gigabit Ethernet wireless transport speeds for enterprise and carrier network services.

Vubiq Networks selected the Sitara™ processor from Texas Instrumentsdue to its flexibility, low power consumption and real-time processing capabilities. Sitara processors use the ARM® A-series of cores, including the Cortex®-A9 and Cortex®-A8. The processors are highly integrated with a wide range of peripherals such as graphics, connectivity and industrial protocol support – enabling innovators such as Vubiq Networks to create powerful, feature-rich applications. In addition, Sitara processors give developers an extensive selection of silicon, along with access to a robust software platform for both high-level and real-time operating systems.

The HaulPass V60 is targeted at wireless fiber extension and 4G/LTE backhaul applications. It offers high-bandwidth wireless Ethernet technology at full duplex gigabit transport speeds, with data throughput at a range of up to 500 meters. It also has a built-in two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for multiple connections, and which also provides the ability to daisy chain multiple HaulPass V60 systems for extended distances.

“Vubiq Networks developed the HaulPass V60 so that telecom carriers and wireless ISPs can take advantage of the unlicensed 60 GHz band and move away from the congestion on the lower frequencies,” said Mike Pettus, co-founder and CTO of Vubiq Networks. “We chose to partner with Texas Instruments because its state-of-the-art Sitara processors let us give carriers the advanced, high-quality network services they require.”

The HaulPass V60 radio enclosure has a diameter of 8.35 inches and a depth of 7.1 inches. It weighs approximately 3.3 pounds, draws 15 watts of power and offers 30-microsecond link latency. The system supports power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation. Using the HaulPass V60 does not require trenches, rights of way or wires. The fully wireless system allows carriers to avoid fiber tariffs and extend communication capabilities in locations where fiber trenching is not permitted.

For more details, contact Vubiq Networks or download the HaulPass V60 product brief.