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Vubiq Networks to Develop E-Band Broadband Wireless Connectivity Solution

V-Band Innovator Expands Strategy to Encompass E-Band Spectrum

IRVINE, CA, November 21, 2016 – Vubiq Networks, Inc., the leading innovator in high-speed V-Band wireless broadband solutions, today announced that it is developing a full-duplex 10 Gbps E-Band connectivity solution to broaden the company’s existing millimeter wave wireless radio portfolio.

Growing market demand for ever greater link distances and bandwidth, as well as the inherent benefits of lightly licensed wireless connectivity links, has prompted Vubiq Networks to intensify its strategy of delivering what the market is asking for. E-Band is the widely accepted spectrum in the wireless internet service provider (WISP) and carrier backhaul markets. By expanding its product portfolio to include E-Band radios, Vubiq will be even better positioned to meet all the backhaul needs of the marketplace.

“Our breakthrough V-Band wireless radios – including our HaulPass V60s™ Gigabit Ethernet link and HaulPass V10g™ 10 Gbps link – have been extremely well received in the market due to their superior performance, easy deployment, and low price points,” said Vubiq CEO John Dilworth. “We are now applying these same design philosophies to the E-Band spectrum for wireless applications that require greater transmission distances.”

Thanks to Vubiq’s patented Modular Integrated Waveguide (MIW) technology that separates the digital components from the analog components, the company is able to rapidly develop new millimeter wave radios that consistently leapfrog the competition for high-speed wireless broadband applications.

“With the flexibility provided by our proprietary MIW technology, our development and delivery of an ultra high-performance E-Band wireless solution will be available within a few short months,” said Mike Pettus, founder and CTO of Vubiq Networks. “Our advanced technology allows us to be completely spectrum agnostic in our product designs. What’s more, it provides us with the flexibility to utilize the highest performing silicon at the most economical price.”

Millimeter wave silicon is becoming available at significantly lower costs and higher performance due to technology innovations in the market. “Our product architecture leverages these new technologies because we have kept the millimeter wave radio modular and independent from the baseband and network portions of the design,” concluded Mr. Pettus.

About Vubiq Networks

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held wireless networking technology company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s focus is on broadband V-Band and E-band wireless link transmission products that enable multi-gigabit connectivity for wireless fiber optic extensions, wireless metropolitan area networks, and mobile backhaul applications. For further information, visit www.vubiqnetworks.com

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