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Vubiq Networks Unveils Enhanced Version of 60 GHz Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Link

Enhanced HaulPass V60 in Volume Production and Available for Immediate Delivery

IRVINE, CA –July 20, 2015 – Vubiq Networks, Inc. today announced an enhanced version of its HaulPass V60™ Gigabit Ethernet wireless connectivity system. Available for immediate delivery, the new HaulPass V60 system provides an advanced 60 GHz millimeter wave broadband wireless data connectivity solution that delivers low-latency, full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet transport speeds in a small, ruggedized, easy-to-install enclosure.

The new version of the HaulPass V60 system features numerous external and internal enhancements. Externally, the HaulPass V60 incorporates new cable management with ruggedized connectors that provide improved weatherproofing and longevity. The V60 mounting bracket has been redesigned for easier alignment and a 40% decrease in weight.

Internal software enhancements include a new release of the V60’s Automatic Gain Control (AGC), providing stability and performance enhancements for easier alignment and greater link quality. A new remote update feature provides for easy and seamless firmware and software updates. In addition, the V60 now includes a new indicator for link quality called DSSI (Digital Signal Strength Indicator), providing real-time statistics of the bit error rate (BER) between the links.

“With these important enhancements, our HaulPass V60 system now provides an even stronger solution to the ever-expanding needs of today’s bandwidth-hungry data communications networks,” said Mike Pettus, founder and CTO of Vubiq Networks. “HaulPass V60 provides a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution for enterprises, network operators, and mobile carriers who need to extend their fiber networks that extra 300 to 500 meters that would otherwise be impossible or cost prohibitive with fiber-optic cable.”

The HaulPass V60 wireless solution takes advantage of the license-free 60 GHz millimeter wave radio band that provides a massive 7 GHz of allocated spectrum bandwidth. It supports full-duplex, one gigabit Ethernet data throughput (two gigabit aggregate) to line-of-sight destinations up to 500 meters away. The system features an integrated two-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for multiple connections that can also be used to daisy chain HaulPass V60 systems for extended distances.

“We are very excited to be shipping our enhanced, cost-effective HaulPass V60 wireless system in volume to our enterprise, carrier and service provider customers who will save thousands of dollars in trenching and fiber installation costs”, said Ed Snyder, CEO of Vubiq Networks. “These new features, coupled with new relationships established in our vendor community, position our HaulPass V60 to disrupt the millimeter wave market with a viable, efficient V Band solution.”

For further information on the HaulPass V60 system, please visit www.vubiqnetworks.com.

About Vubiq Networks

Vubiq Networks, Inc. is a privately held wireless networking technology company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company’s focus is on high-bandwidth, 60 GHz wireless link transmission products that enable gigabit speed transport for broadband wireless fiber extensions, wireless metropolitan area networks, and mobile backhaul applications. For more information, visit www.vubiqnetworks.com.

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